Friday, March 28, 2014

Sailboat Ruffle Dress

This is one of my favourite dress that I've made for my girl.  One of the reasons is of course the use of my favourite Out to Sea fabric by Sarah Jane.

I used a pattern from this Japanese Book.

The pattern is without lining but I added lining because the fabric is a bit sheer.  And the lining really make the dress full and fluffy because of the gathers.

I fussy cut the front yoke with the sailboat on the left shoulder and make sure the sailboats are on the hem of the skirt.  I love the sailboat on the yoke and the seawater makes it looks really special.

Here's the back view of the dress.  I also fussy cut the cloud to be on the back yoke portion but it is not so clear in the photo.

The ruffle is also very pretty and add just the right girly factor to the dress.

Alas, I've only bought 1.5 yard and I was greedy to try to squeeze a dress and a skirt so the back and front is not match nicely : (

But it is still a cute dress and I'm so happy the way it turns out.  I'm so happy that I will photo bomb my girl in her dress..hehehe... I'm a proud mama!

EDIT TO ADD: March 30/14
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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Peter Pan Collar Sorbetto

This is another top that I've sewn using the tried and tested Sorbetto pattern from Colette Patterns.

This time, I've added a peter pan collar and sleeves.  I trace the neckline and self drafted the collar which is only on the front and bound the seams with black cotton bias tape. I've interfaced the collar to make it stays the shape.

The birdcage chiffon is from Spotlight which is surprisingly not difficult to sew. I was attracted by the cute print and the subtle blue and turquoise collar of the birds.  The collar compliment the black on the birdcage nicely.

For the sleeve, I've use the same sleeve piece from my earlier yellow blouse which fits the sorbetto really well. I bind the sleeve hem with the same black bias tape.

Here's the front view on me. I wore it to work and many thought it was store bought. I'm very happy! Next time I think I will make the neckline smaller and change it to a dress?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Yellow Blouse

The past week has been a fruitful sewing journey for me. Made 2 blouses and 1 skirt for myself, 2 skirts and a dress for my girls.  That explain why I've been missing for some time. Hard to take photo after the late night sewing and rushing to work in the day time.

Here's the first top I've sewn.  It's a pattern from Lady Boutique No. 485 for a loose blouse with notch and bias bound neckline.

I bought this soft butter yellow cotton from Spotlight. They are very airy and just the right drape for this type of blouse.  I omit the center seams and notch and cut my front on the fold.  The neckline is wide enough to slip through without the notch.

I bind the neckline and sleeve hem with these pretty floral bias tapes that I got from Daiso. The orange and yellow flower really makes the blouse so springy and pretty.

You can wear the blouse as it is, tuck out or tuck in.  Or you can wear with a belt.  I sew the remaining bias tape onto a grosgrain ribbon and use it as a belt.

I love the bias tapes and there are few more in blue, pink and yellow that I bought so can't wait to use them on my project.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Bags & Pouchers - Part 4 (Last episode!)

This post concludes the last series of my 1 yard Nico Nico Land fabric sewing.

The messenger bag is a request from my 9 year old.  She wants a cross body bag with a big flap and a zipper.  She also requested for a side water bottle holder if possible.  But alas, since I'm working with the remnant of my fabric, I had to go for a basic bag.

front view with flap

The bag a BIG flap in front with velcro closures.  I didn't use any pattern since I am using left over fabric and still wanted to match the print for the front flap to the side of the bag and the front of the bag.  But I refer heavily to Lier's post on gusseted tote tutorial.

But due to the limitation of my fabric and the need to align the print, I cut my flap, top and back in one continuous piece and then sew a line between the back and top portion to create an artificial line to demarcate the back portion.  See below.

back view
As I use a directional print for my side gusset, I sew 2 pieces of the gusset pieces right side facing so that the seam lines are under the bottom of the bag and out of sight.

side of bag
With careful placement, both sides of the bag has the same pink border print at the bottom which align nicely with the front flap print! I did try to make sure that side and front are same so I was extremely careful when sewing the velcro on the front.

front view without flap
The bag is really big and roomy.  It measures 14" wide and 11" tall.  I'm recording down the measurement below so that I can keep for future reference.

Flap+Top+Back = Height [ 26" + 0.5" SA + 0.5" SA ] X Width [14" + 0.5" SA + 0.5" SA]
2 Side Gusset Panels = Length [18" + 0.5" SA + 0.5" SA] X Width [4" + 0.5" SA + 0.5" SA]
Front = Height [11" + 0.5" SA + 0.5" SA] X Width [14" + 0.5" SA + 0.5" SA]

Here's the inside view with the pocket. I actually pieced the pocket pieces together since I've not enough. The top pink portion is actually from the bottom print but it works like bias tape here to cover the raw edge!

After I've sewn up the bag, I sew the straps.  I can't find the shade of pink in the right width for the bag.  Since it is so big, the strap should be at least 1.5".  Finally at the Textile centre, I got this 1.5" beige cotton webbing that is not too stiff and sew on a 0.75" pink nylon webbing in the middle to match the overall pink theme.

I also bought some black sliders and buckles from the same shop.  I can't find a pink or white ones so black will have to do.  Lier's blog has a good tutorial on how to sew the sliders and straps which is very helpful.


Here's the bag in action.  She loves the big bag. It's a good thing that I didn't add the side pocket. It will be too bulky and heavy.  She just flop the flap over and didn't even care if it match the sides. So much for my careful sewing! You just have to take my words that they really match at the side. lol

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bags & Pouches - Part 3

Without further ado, this is a sling bag for my 4 year old.

The bag is cut using the bottom of the border print for Nico Nico Land.  Pattern is also from the same magazine Cucito 2012 Winter/Early Spring issue.  Don't you just love this magazine.  It is packed with lots of Back to School projects and lots of bags/pouches/apron ideas.  The sling bag is no. 52 and no. 55 in the picture below.

The original bag uses a quilted cotton as the outer fabric.  I did the reverse. My lining is the pre-quilted cotton so it work out well.  The quilted cotton really gives the bag some structure but not too stiff.  I used it for the Shoe bag earlier.

Instruction is also given using diagrams but without photographs. I think it is still quite clear.  Here you can see the top of the bag is closed with velcro. I cut the fabric so that the top is framed by a border of flowers.

Inside of the bag.  See the quilted cotton? Give it a nice shape and padding. It looks like a bucket if you open up wide.

Here's the side view.  See the strap. Guess where I got them? haha... You are right if you say Daiso.  Both the D Ring, slider (at the bottom) and the strap are from Daiso.

The slides and the D Ring. A set cost $2 so you can make 2 bags with 1 set! Real deal.  Both the pink and red ones have small white polka dots on them. Super cute. I think they also got Yellow and Baby Blue [City Square Mall branch].

Here's the action shot of my girl with her bag. You can see the slider on the bag, making it adjustable and she can use it when she grow taller.

Ahh...when did she grow up so fast! It was just yesterday that she was a toddler learning to walk.  sob..My baby has grown up.

She loves her new bag and the height and depth is just nice to fit 3 A4 size colouring books and 2 big colour pencil cases plus a water bottle. Very roomy.

I love it that the strap is not too stiff. It is quite soft and the soft pink colour matches the bag perfectly.  A happy kid really makes my day.

Next post, I will conclude with a Messenger Bag for my 9 year old.  Stay tune!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Bags & Pouches - Part 2

Welcome back for part 2 of the 4-bags-with-1 yard-fabric post!

I also made a Cup Bag for the same little girl in Japan.  Cup Bag? What's that? I was surprised when I read the name on the magazine but it seems like in Japan, there is different bags/pouches for different items like shoe, cup, bento, lesson bag etc.

Anyway, I use the pattern from the same magazine.

The instruction is also a photo step by step so it was really easy.  Especially this one don't need a lining.

For this bag or pouch, I use the middle portion of the Nico Nico Land fabric which has lots of cute cakes, macron print all over the baby pink background.

Did you notice my cute pink stopper and beads? I got these as a set [2 stoppers and 4 beads] from Daiso for $2! Yes, you have to believe it. Daiso does carry some of these cute item that is really affordable and add a cute factor to your project don't you think?

Here's how it looks open up.  My Precious Moment ballerina figurine is modelling for me.

Side view.

That complete the set for my little friend.

So, come back again for Part 3! I know, I'm a tease : P

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Bags & Pouches - Part 1

In my last trip to Japan, I bought some Japanese fabric. The bags above are all made from 1 yard of  Nico Nico Land fabric designed by Koko Seki under Lecien.

I'm very pleased with myself to squeezed out 4 items with just 1 yard! The print is border printed on both sides of the panel so if you lay your pattern differently, you will get different design and look!

First up, is a Shoe Bag that I make for my best friend's girl in Japan.  This is the type of bag that the elementary kids use to keep their shoes and bring to shoe. I use the bottom part of the print so that the pink flower will become the base and the cartoon are at the top.

Pattern is from this book.

There is a photo step by step to guide you on sewing such bag.

Instead of the fabric loop that the instruction called for, I use this loop(?) (not sure what you call this item) D Ring.

So you string one end of the strap through the loop D Ring and pull through.  The lining for the bag is a quilted cotton that I got from Spotlight. This one is really useful and save me the time to quilt.  I didn't interface the fabric because the thick fabric plus the quilted lining help to hold the bag nicely.

The loop D Ring and the strap is a set that I got for $2 from Daiso. It comes in bright pink and yellow. I think the colour fits the bag nicely.

I'll share the next pouch in my next post.